MyAssist 1.3.1

PixWares MyAssist is a handy and easy-to-use tool for personal...

PixWares MyAssist is a handy and easy-to-use tool for personal task arrangement and time management. Having MyAssist on your desktop is just like having a real personal assistant.

She reminds you about everything in your interests or plan. She remembers all your tasks. And she tells you what to do at any time. The well-designed user interface of MyAssist trys to stay clean and easy-to-see while providing all the rich features at the same time.

The word balloon driven dialogs make you feel like talking to a real assistant and set free from facing the horrible dozens of controls you've seen in many software on today's market.

The simple user interface will ensure that you won't be lost in the forest of menus and buttons. Key features:* Cartoon assistant on the desktop* Anti-aliased alarm clock* Task list / Calendar / Daily summary* Least memory consuming among competitors( lt; 6MB )* No expiration for ever!

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